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Maac Marmi is a young company, but one that has its roots in the centuries-old history of a family that has always been in the marble industry.

For us working marble is a real passion.

Marble is not a simple stone but rather a work of art of nature, and therefore we treat marble with the utmost professionalism, transforming and skilfully shaping it to best meet all the needs of our customers. 

Through a careful production process, which starts with a deep analysis of the materials to be used, to move from a production that skillfully intertwines technology and craftsmanship, we are able to ensure our work to the highest quality standards.

Marbles for interiors

Interior marble

Marble is increasingly synonymous with luxury, new processing technologies enhance the natural grain of this stone, making everything made of marble a unique and unrepeatable piece. 

In a world where everything is a copy of everything, marble remains able to give a poetic touch to your environment, be it a corner of your home or your office. 

From floors to furnishing accessories, everything can be created in marble, everything can become unique.

Marbles for outdoor use

Outdoor marble

Architecture increasingly uses marble to shape the landscape. 

Marble was originally used outdoors only for the realization of commemorative statues, today thanks to new processing technologies there are many uses that can be made of marble outdoors. 

Ventilated facades, seating, curbs, pavements and street furniture are just some of the uses that can be made of marble in outdoor architecture.


Carrara marble blocks

Marble blocks

MAAC mari, thanks to its dense commercial network, is able to supply large quantities of Carrara marble blocks

The selection of blocks is carried out by our testers directly in the quarries, each block is tested according to our quality standards, in order to provide our customers with quality continuity at all times. We divide our goods into 3 main categories,

 1 blocks

 2 semi-blocks 

 3 shapeless

The first category is suitable for the production of large marble slabs, which will be extremely suitable for large architectural projects, the second category is suitable for the production of small slabs, the third and last category is for the production of finished products, such as sinks or furnishing accessories.


We carefully select the blocks with which to make our slabs, in order to provide our customers with marble slabs of the highest quality. 

Our slabs are all resin-coated before being polished or polished, this processing technique allows us to provide marble slabs more resistant to the dangers of time. 

Our marble ones are shipped in all the way in total safety harnessed on wooden ties, the loading phases on containers or trucks are documented by a series of photographs that are attached to the loading documents.


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